AZ Design is a creative & growing design studio, located in Shenzhen, China. We are the only one design studio which obtain the “reddot design award – design studio top 10 ranking” in the successive 4 years.

Our core concept: Good design would be right, solving problem, and with love.

We provide service include: Design Consult, Industrial Design, Packaging Design. Base on every different project, we focus on marketing, users, manufactory & brand, provide a whole solution as the core of marketing & product.

People’s life should once try their best for one’s own dream, our journey of dream just began…

Design is a professional and systematic discipline. A commercial design should first be a right design, and the customers’ orders and requirements will be analyzed in order to make the assessment of feasibility.

We create designs that solve problems, through making choices of the product elements and focusing on product positioning. We jump off our designer identity and empathy from the perspectives of customers, suppliers and the market, to resolve problems in aspects of functions, aesthetics, cost, production and selling points.

All of the above thoughts and activities point to the spread of good will. The characters that the products have can create positive effects on people, environment and society; The sense of integrity that the designs bear can help the healthy development of the customers, industry and market.


Established in Shenzhen


Settled at Lukka Creative Cultural Industrial Park

“Easy-to-use Bottle Gap” won the first international award for the company – German Red Dot Concept Design Award


“Eye Genius” eyedropper packaging and “Easy Pressing” pump typed cap won two German Red Dot Concept Design Awards, and the company was ranked sixth in the 2012 Red Dot Global Design Studio Ranking

“Conference Terminals” won the sixth Guangdong Governor Cup Industrial Design contest winner



“Muscle Guy” inflatable grip won 2013 Red Dot Concept Design Award

Ranked third in Red Dot Global Design Studio Ranking

Happy Foot, smart fingerprint lock, personal payment terminals, and “Easy Pressing” won four Red Star Awards – the most authoritative industrial design awards in China

Video conference terminals, “Easy Pressing“and “Happy Foot” won three “The Beauty of Made in China” awards

AZ Design Zhengzhou branch established


Ranked second in Red Dot Global Design Studio Ranking

“Magic Shoes” won Red Dot Concept Design Award

Established independent brand “YouMu”

Smart router won Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award


Ranked fifth in Red Dot Global Design Studio Ranking


To be continued…

award-red  Reddot design award

reddot design award 2014 (Magic Shoes)
reddot design award 2013 (Muscle Guy)
reddot design award 2012 (Easy Pressing)
reddot design award 2012 (Eye Genius)
reddot design award 2011 (Easy-to-use Bottle Gap)

reddot design ranking 2015 | Design Studio No.5
reddot design ranking 2014 | Design Studio No.2
reddot design ranking 2013 | Design Studio No.3
reddot design ranking 2012 | Design Studio No.6


award-if iF Product design award

iF Product design award 2010


award-JPg  Good Design award

Good Design award Nomination 2012 (MCV2000 MINI)


award-CNhx  Red Star Design Award

red star design award 2013(Yangzule)
red star design award 2013(smart fingerprint lock)
red star design award 2013(personal payment terminals)
red star design award 2013(Easy Pressing)


award-twgold  Golden Pin Design Award

golden pin design award 2015(智能跳绳)
golden pin design award 2014(智能路由)